Wednesday, September 14, 2011

South West Records - Releases 2011

Artist: South West Divas
Album title: Diva Powa
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B
Year of Release: Summer 2011

Expect: A sick triple edged flow as Diamond Rose, Cleo XL The Ice Queen and Zani Challe get together to make a sizzling hot 14 track album. Coupled with soothing vocals over crunk, dance hall, electro and Pop beats, Diva Powa is a fresh African produce. Production ensamble include St Bosseratti, IV Legue, Shluda The Guru, Maraza, Mystic G & G Noktunal (South West Records).

Listen to music by South West Divas now:

Artist: Gail
Album title: And Then
Genre: Soul/R&B
Year of Release: Winter 2012

Expect: Soothing ballads, Jazzy Funk and Neo Soul that will give both Marcy Gray and Zahara a run for their money. Rememeber the name: G.A.I.L

Artist: Don K
Genre: Afro-Pop
Year of Release: Summer 2011

Expect: The finest Afro Pop album produced by Don K,  Maraza, Mystic G & G Noktunal (South West Records) and Swati King (SK). From Rumba ballads through R&B to Kwasa, to Sokous, INTERGRATIONS is an all African album to get this summer.

Listen to music by South West Divas now:

Artist: Ma-R Chronicles
Album title: The Ma-R Chronicles: Chapter One
Genre: Durban Kwaito
Year of Release: Autumn 2012

Expect: Club banging beats. A unique Newcastle accent. Strong lyrical content with the smartest gimmicks in the country. Dance classics. Production by Mystic G (South West Records), DJ Clock, Shota (of Shana), DJ Kent and Ma-R Chronicles. Sing along tunes. Appearances by DJ Colastraw, Mavura, Mpandla, Magrimbe, Bhutiza, DJ CoZa & DJ Soso. Take note, Ma-R Chronicles is here.

Listen to music by Ma-R Chronicles now:

Artist: OZ
Album title: Direct Translation
Genre: Vernacular Hip Hop
Year of Release: Autumn 2012

Expect: A unique flow. A Durban accent. Swagged up beats with the illest hooks in the country. Production by Mystic G, Moss T, Apollo 7 and Ma-R Chronicles. A well rounded project that takes you from the club, to the bedroom to social responsibility initiatives not forgetting a few ciphers. Appearances by rappers of note including Pitch Black Afro, Maraza, Zakwe, Kay E and Succezz Lepora. Take note, OZ is here.

Listen to music by OZ now:

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