About Us

SOUTH WEST currently functions in a three tier structure.
...SOUTH WEST FILMS our music video entity is launching in November 2011
SOUTH WEST MUSIC ACADEMY is a fully fledged recording and a training facility for aspiring   producers and sound engineers. We offer both certificate and diploma courses. SOUTH WEST MUSIC   ACADEMY works in partnership with Johannesburg City College, and St Kings College who are accredited   education providers.
Our full time courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to compete   in this industry to the best of your ability. We aim to produce not graduate students, but industry   professionals.

SOUTH WEST RECORDS is a 100% black owned entertainment label. Its niche is taking music from West Africa and re-releasing in South Africa and vice verse. Our aim is producing quality music that will be enjoyed by audiences worldwide and that is marketable to the entire continent. Our artists are in the Kwaito, Dance, Hip Hop, Ragga, Pop and RnB genres.
We also release projects on licensing. Contact us today and might just help you sell your album in parts of the world you never imagined possible.
SOUTH WEST RECORDING STUDIOS offer a unique recording enviroment and are located in Braamfontein, next to WITS University, Rosebank Collage and Boston Media House. South West Studios gives you the best equipment, joined with vast expertise and experience in music and voice recording.
Our services include production; engineering, mixing and mastering,  voice-overs – and audio to visual overdubbing, song-writing as well as music composition for TV adverts and short films. Our clients are many and varied such as record companies, artists, music producers or record producers, songwriters, session engineers, mix engineers, mastering engineers, session musicians, session singers, voice directors or voice-over artistes. New clients are always welcome.
034 Music Publishing is a 100% black owned publishing entity and a South West Records affiliate. We collect your royalties worldwide. Get your music to work and earn you an income on commercials, TV series and film. We get your music on radio stations and on jingles. We also assist you with digital distribution in form of ringtones, online sales (e.g. iTunes) & and selling your music via sms.

With 034 Music, you can rest assured that your music works while you focus on what is important: Make records.
Try us today: email andile@034music.co.za or call 072 328 2306 now! For more info visit: www.034music.co.za