South West Music Academy

South West Academy
SOUTH WEST MUSIC ACADEMY is a fully fledged recording and a training facility for aspiring producers and sound engineers. We offer both certificate and diploma courses. SOUTH WEST MUSIC ACADEMY works in partnership with Johannesburg City College, and St Kings College who are accredited education providers.
Primary Objective
The South African music industry is very competitive. It demands the highest levels of professionalism and dedication and in return offers fabulous rewards and great fulfillment to those who succeed in it. Our objective at South West Music Academy is to enable you to share in those rewards by providing you with the best affordable theoretical and practical training.
Admission Criteria
Your application will be accepted if the following criteria are met:
§   A completed form
§   Copies of highest qualification
§   Copies of your ID or passport
§   Two ID sized photographs
§   Registration fee
§   An initial deposit as specified for the course chosen
Prerequisite for Registration
Grade 12, Computer literacy, English literacy
Starting Dates
The academic year has two academic cycles:
Semester 1 – January to June, Semester 2 – July to December
Short courses run throughout the year. Contact the South West music Academy helpdesk for information on starting dates.
Payments and registration
Fees for learning programs vary for each course and, unless otherwise stated,the fees are shown on the fee payments chedule which is available from the campus. Fees paid in full at the beginning of the semester are entitled to a discount. However fees can also be paid according to an approved installment plan.

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Career Opportunities
·          Music producer
·          Recording  chnician,
·          Acoustic consultant
·          Postproduction engineer
·          Sound technician
·          Sound designer
·          Radio or club DJ,
·          Video editor
·          Graphic Designer
·          Music educator,
·          Mastering engineer
·          Arranger
·          Jingle writer and producer
·          Studio session musician
·          Music business manager.
The full time course is presented during the week from Mondays to Fridays and consists of both theoretical and practical sessions. Part time classes are organized according to the student’s schedule. All study materials will be provided once payment of initial deposit has been made.
South West Academy
Sound Engineering and Music Production
The Sound Engineering and Music production program is specifically geared for students intending to work as professional sound engineers and Music producers. It offers a comprehensive program taught by industry professionals in which students learn about recording, mixing, production, mastering, live sound, digital audio workstations and industry Skills.
DJ Techniques
The DJ Program covers the most important elements needed to become a professional performing DJ as well as mixing and releasing albums. Whether you are taking your first steps in a career as a professional DJ or just want to create your own mix CDs, this course is unique in that along with teaching people how to mix; we guide and connect our students towards creating a package that offers everything the music industry wants from an entertainer.

Mixing Engineering
Mixing music is an art, pure and simple. It takes alot of skill, knowledge, and imagination to effectively mix multiple tracks of music .During this course we will place emphasis on the techniques behind professional sounding mixes. Balancing, panning, aural perception, EQ, compression, limiting, gates, and effects are all covered in detail.
Mastering Engineering
Mastering is the last stage in the music production chain. This course will drill you on how to achieve a professional sounding master using up to date software and plug-ins. You will learn advanced mastering techniques to achieve the best results possible.
Media and Design
This program is designed to introduce learners to the multimedia industry. Successful learners are able to access a wide range of entry level positions such as desktop publisher, junior graphic designer, junior web designer, junior digital designer, or the learner will be able start his or her own entrepreneurial design studio.

 South West Records Music Academy
Why South West Music Academy is simply the best
Recording Studio
South West Music Academy owns a professional in-house commercial music production and recording studio where students get to work during their studies. Our students have got the added advantage of being able to work directly with professional studio clients during their studies.
Job Creation
At South West Music Academy we strive to provide our students with the best chance of good employment option after their studies whether through in-house employment, music employment agencies as well as our extensive industry connections.
TOMS Connection
As a student at South West Music Academy you are able to benefit from the fantastic deals we receive on hardware and software from TOMS Music Equipment retail outlet.
Practical learning Time
There is no substitute for experience. Students at South West Music Academy have on average at least 30 hours of individual practical time every week. None of our competitors give you this much studio time to practice techniques, master equipment, and build up confidence.
Experiential learning
Students will be exposed to real professional working environment by doing experiential learning. South West music Academy liaises with other professional recording studios for this end.
 South West Music Academy
“Our recording studio is the ideal place to start your music production projects. With the best quality equipment and our expert engineers, you can be sure to come out with a hit track!”